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About – Love Warriors International

Who We Are

With a fresh perspective of life and the desire to see the rejected, forgotten and despised feel loved accepted, and believed in, to live their dreams and aspirations. We have a desire to see many, who didn’t even know they have gifts, to use their gifts and talents to uplift others around them.

Love Warriors is a collective of boots on the ground soldiers! We are the hands and feet to share love in any shape or fashion. We have traveled all over the nation and world being led to accomplish random acts of kindness and love! We have served in New York City under bridges, Charlotte NC on the streets, Wilmington NC in the jails and prisons, West Virginia partnering with revival streams, Dallas Texas, Ohio, Atlanta, Italy and Africa! The list goes on! We would love to build teams of three in each city to raise up love warriors all across the globe! For the last five years Love warriors has been the light in the darkness in places most people won’t go! Love warriors vision is to see each one activated to become love! We need an army of love in our earth! Our main focus is to learn how to love! The only currency that will heal every culture is ceaseless love!


Who We Were

Many of us love warriors came from a very rough past, and have been transformed by the love and persistence of Jesus! Love Warriors was birthed out of Aaron’s heart, when he was freshly out of prison. With a past of drug dealing, prostitution, alcoholism, drug addiction, rejection, and a mindset of lies, he had an encounter with Angels in his prison cell that would change his life forever. He heard an audible voice from heaven say “I have never left you and will never leave you”. This brought his life into alignment to live a life laid down for the sake of others. He paid a huge price, but with 5 years of boots on the ground labor, his hard work paid off and Love Warriors International was born in December 2016! God can bring the darkest of lives into His marvelous light! So we are driven to produce other Radical Love Warriors, and re-present Christ in real everyday life.

What We Are Becoming

Our goal as a collective of lovers, is to learn, and become love, to a world without love! We want to go into the darkest of situations, and to be the light! We want to see the hungry fed, the naked clothed, the depressed uplifted. The addicted released, and addiction conquered. Captives set free and delivered! The sick healed and the dead raised!

Our Dreams

A few of our goals are to partner with as many ministries as possible, and be the link to ministries that have never met but have the same heart! To give away a million pounds of food a year! To be the hands, feet, and the boots on the ground! We want to help build shelters and housing. Identity/love driven teaching: Teaching leaders and other ministries their potential, and strategize with others to become more effective. Imparting truth and love to others who don’t know who they are. To be completely mobile. To go wherever we are needed. To have 33 RVs to travel where needed. Land for tent ministries. 5000 man tent.